10 Easy Korean Recipes You Can Try At Home

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Hallyu Wave a.k.a the Korean wave has hit the Philippines hard. South Korean culture has spread all over the world and its influence cannot be denied, especially to Filipinos.

Proof of this is our addiction to anything Korean. We have more K-POP concerts here in the country than OPM ones. We love Korean BBQ. Samgyupsal has become a trend that Korean restaurants have popped up everywhere! K-dramas have been a trend since early 2000’s but it is more hyped up nowadays. I mean, have you binged watch “Crash Landing On You” yet? (Captain Ri *swoon*) Even Filipinos are addicted to Korean skin care and make up products!

However, if there is one thing that Filipinos and Koreans have in common, that is our love for food. So, get your pens and papers ready because here are some easy Korean recipes that you can try at home and use for your next Mukbang.

1. Japchae (Stir-Fried Glass Noodles with Beef and Vegetables)

2. Jjajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles)

3. Korean Fried Chicken (Bon Chon Style)

4. Tangsuyuk (Korean Sweet and Sour Pork)

5. Dalgona Coffee

6. LA Galbi (Korean Grilled Beef Short Ribs)

7. Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice)

8. Bulgogi (Korean Stir-Fried Beef)

9. Gyeran Mari (Korean Egg Rolls)

10. Gilgyeori Toast (Korean Street Food Toast)

So you see, you really do not need to go to Korea or go to a Korean restaurant to try these delicious food. Because there are Korean dishes that doesn’t need hours of preparation.

Are you ready to impress your family and friends with Korean food? Share with us your experience on the comment section below!


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