6 years of relationship, ended in separation just because of a “comfort” person

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The post of a netizen named Kobe Arizala went viral on social media after he discovered a very tragic incident in his life.

In his post, he shared that love only leads to a sad divorce due to a “comfort” from other people whenever they have a fight.

After netizens saw it, many related to Kobe’s story and they could not help but comment on it.

“Move on kana Lang po … Masaya na sya sa bago nya,” (“Just move on, he’s laready happy with the new one”)- Darwin-hazel Monleon Cueme

“Ayoko dumating sa punto na tatagal ako ng ganyan sa relasyon tapos mauuwi lang sa wala” (I don’t want to be at that point where you spent several years together and will only end regardless)- Dana E. Aranas

“6 years din syang kinocomfort nung pinalit sayo,” (He was also comfroted for six years by the person he replaced you with) – Juven Royo

“Kabahan na talaga sa mga taga comfort hahaha,” (Be really nervous about “comfort” persons) – Charlene Madriaga

“ANG SAKIT.”(It really hurts) – Janine Marie Roma

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