70-year-old grandmother, still does not fade from drawing, granddaughter is proud of her

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  • The grand daughter boasted on social media that his grandmother was drawing on the tablet for the first time
  • She was amazed that at age 70 she was still good at drawing using her hands
  • She intends to give the tablet as a gift to his grandmother so she is currently saving money for it

Talent is indeed a natural ability in us. And when we practice or study for it, we definitely get better. However, not everyone is given the opportunity to study because of poverty.

But despite this, there are people who still do not lose their appetite and their talent.

Grandma Julieta was one of those 70-year-olds who are greatly admired by their grandchildren, like Clarice Julian. It is said that grandma is good at drawing on a tablet even if it is just her first time on a gadget.

To her surprise, she took a picture of her grandmother and shared it on social media.

“She tried drawing on my tablet and it’s cute because this proves that the talent has not really faded,” she said proudly on Facebook

Lola Julieta used to study fine arts when she was in college but due to financial difficulties, she was unable to continue. The grand daughter also revealed that she was the maker of their school arts projects then.


Since Clarice saw that her grandmother still wanted to draw, she planned to give her a tablet. She is said to be saving from his commission. Also, her grandmother also likes to play on the cellphone so it looks like she will only use one gadget.

“I’ve been saving up from commissions to buy her a simple tablet so she can continue her passion.”

She also jokingly said that maybe someone wants to give a tablet even if it is old. And she was not disappointed because a netizen expressed that she wanted to give.

But she clarified, “I am not asking for a  tablet hahaha I will take care of saving for it. I just want to flex my grandmother because I am so much amazed by her drawings. Smooth draw even first time. She can no longer be traditional because she and her husband are street food vendors so at the end of the day, she is too tired to paint oil. ”

There are also people who are worried that it might harm grandma’s health. Clarice said that her grandmother did not stay long in the gadget because she also got tired immediately.

Although it is unfortunate that grandma did not focus on her talent, it is not too late for her to refresh and hone it. She is also lucky because there is a grand daughter who is willing to support him and looks like this grand daughter of her inherited it! See?


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