A Boy Receives Foreign Money From Godfather, Shocked To Know How Much It Is Really Worth

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In the Philippines, it has become a tradition every Christmas that godchildren will go to their godparents’ house to ask for Christmas presents.

Some godparents give presents such as toys, clothes, gadgets. Others, if they cannot afford to give material gifts, wil treat you to a meal or just say a simple greeting instead.

Filipinos are very appreciative when it comes to gifts. It does not matter if the gift is expensive or not, because it really is the thought that counts.

Just like this netizen named George Ivan Domingo, who shared on his Facebook the gift he received from his godfather.

On his caption, George said, “Binigyan ako ng nong ko na seaman ng pamasko. Akala ko ikakayaman ko na eh.” (My seaman godfather gave me a Christmas present. I really thought i’d be rich)


When George opened the ampao, he was shocked to see a 50,000 Venezuelan Bolivares bill. However, when he converted the amount to Philippine Peso, it turns out the money is only worth 53.62 pesos.

According to George, he really thought he hit the jackpot when he saw the figure 50,000, because 50,000 PHP is a lot of money.

Moreover, his post gathered a lot of reactions from the netizens. Majority are just taking the situation lightly.


Also according to the news, Venezuela is under a crisis right now and that is why a hyperinflation is happening, which causes the exchange rate to drop.

People should also take this post as a lesson that, we should STILL be grateful for whatever gifts our godparents give us. Because, technically they are not obligated to shower us with riches. What’s important is they remember us during special occasions, and that should be enough.

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