A Bus Company Refused To Take An Aeta Family As Passengers, Angers Netizens

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A netizen shared on social media an annoying incident he personally witnessed. Allegedly, two air-con buses from Victory Liner refused to take an Aeta family in.

According to netizen Mikhael Petito, he was just waiting for a bus to Pasay when he noticed this family who also waiting for a ride.

When he asked them where they were going, they said they were going to Sta. Cruz, Pampanga. However, the bus conductor refused to let them in. Two air-con buses allegedly refused to let them in.

According to the witnesses, the two buses who refused are all owned by Victory Liner Inc.

Fortunately, an ordinary (non air-con) bus arrived. With the help of Petito and other concerned commuters, the Aeta family was on board in no time.


“Hindi ko naabutan yung hindi sila sinakay. Ready na akong makipagbalyahan at isakay sila sa susunod na bus .Maya maya may mini ordinary bus (hindi aircon) na dumating tinulungan namin sila ni ate and sinakay naman sila,” said Petito on his post. (I wasn’t exactly there when it happened, but I was so ready to fight just to help the family get on the next bus. Good thing a mini ordinary bus arrived and we helped them get on it)

Because of what happened, Petito questioned Victory Liner Inc. regarding how they treat their passengers.

“Hi Victory Liner, do you have an existing rule where you are selective on what kind of passenger to take in?” said Petito.


As of this writing, the post already gathered 80K reactions, 30K shares and 10K comments.

In addition to this, a lot of netizens condemned Victory Liner for their discrimination against Aetas.

Furthermore, Victory Liner responded to Petito and said, “I will assure you and to all the people that we will reinforce our bus crews to demonstrate the best customer service to all. And we are here to provide service in all types of people. Again please accept our sincere apology.”

Do you think Victory Liner went too far? Share your thoughts below!


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