A Child With Asthma Uses A Tire Pump Because There Is No Money to Buy Nebulizer

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As a parent it is doubly difficult when you see their children getting sick. If only they could take care of their children’s illness, that is the love of a parent. Like this father using his tire pump or tire pump connected to the tubing towards the nebulizer cup and mouth mask for his son’s Asthma.


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It really costs a lot to get sick, so let’s be even more careful nowadays. There are illnesses such as asthma that are born from birth or inborn. That is why the medicine or maintenance for them is really heavy on the pocket.

8-year-old Lee Begnotea was diagnosed with bronchial asthma when he was just 2 years old. So every time he is exposed to allergens and it attacks him he has difficulty breathing.

But instead of being nebulized, he would have just been using his father’s tire pump or tire pump connected to the tubing towards the nebulizer cup and mouthmask.

tire pump as nebulizer

In this way the nebule is diffused so that Lee does not have difficulty breathing.

The child used to use a nebulizer, but since it broke down, it has not been replaced due to lack of money, especially since his father has little income.

His father is also the only one who supports their family because Lee’s mother has to focus on him and take care of him.

The doctor advises them that using a tire pump is not safe because there are still chemicals that can contaminate the air it emits and can even harm the child’s condition. But since they cannot buy a new nebulizer, Lee just put up with it.

Each time the improvised nebulizer was used, his father slowly pumped it for 5 minutes until Lee’s breathing was relieved.

tire pump as nebulizer

“Kasi minsan, sumasama yung anak ko sa trabaho. Wala namang kuryente doon. Yun, dinadala ko yung bomba. Pag inatake, nahirapan siya ding maghinga,”

Meanwhile, a netizen posted on social media about the child’s condition. And fortunately Lee’s story reached out to those in charge. That is why there are people who reach out to help the child as well as their family.

He was also given a new nebulizer unit to stop using the tire pump as a nebulizer. They also provided medicines for the child’s condition and offered scholarships until he went to college.

We hope Lee’s condition continues to improve.

For those who want to help Lee and his family, please deposit to:

ACCOUNT NO: 054-1001-001235-4


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