A Grade 5 Student Applies For An Office Job To Pay For His School Project

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The most nerve-wracking thing about applying for a job is probably the “interview”. You remember, the night before, you can’t sleep, your heart is racing, and when you get to the company building, your knees are weak as if you don’t want to go on anymore.

However, this is not the case in this story. Grade 5 student, Jose Catalico Sr. from General Santos City bravely applies for an office job.


On a Facebook post, a netizen named Chriszel S. Vicente shares photos of a boy, still in his school uniform and bag, applying for a job in the company she works for.

The kid named Kervy James Villarejo went to their office to look for a job. Kervy asked if the company is looking for a janitor or if they have any jobs for him.


This touched the heart of the single mom Chriszel and did not think twice to help the boy.

Kervy received enough money to buy supplies for his school project without needing to actually clean the office.

The boy gave a huge smile and was really grateful that he promised to go back there to show his finished school project.


As a result, Chriszel’s post went viral and reached netizens’ hearts, which leads them to further help the child. One of them even sent 5,000 pesos to Kervy for his allowance.

Education is one of the most important things a kid has to have and Kervy is setting many as a good example due to his passion for his education.

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