A Grandmother Who Walks A Long Distance To Get Her 10 Pesos Touches Hearts Of Netizens

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It is really heartbreaking to see old people working, especially grandmothers. Nowadays, only a handful of Senior Citizens are unemployed.

But this is different from the grandmother who went viral on social media, because of how much she values her 10 pesos.

In a video uploaded on Facebook by a netizen named Val Santos Matubang, he is seen talking to an old woman he met on a highway.


While Val was taking to Lola (grandma), it surely tugged at the heartstrings of netizens. Some of them could not even help but cry.

According to Lola, she is on her way to her siblings house to get her 10 pesos. When asked, she could not even remember her birthday.


Along with this, Lola said she has 4 children, but all of them have families of their own now.

Val offered help to the old woman and actually gave her all the money from his pocket. In the video you can see he hands her a bunch of 20 and 100 peso bills. He also gave her a 500 peso bill. However, you can really tell in the video that Lola is having a hard time walking and talking.


Furthermore, Lola was very grateful to Val for the kindness he has shown. Val then advised Lola to not go to her sibling’s house anymore as it is far away and instead, go back home for her safety.

Aside from Val, a lot of netizens are also willing to help Lola because they really feel sorry for her.

Whatever Lola is going through right now, what’s important is that there are good people who are willing to help her.

Watch the full video here:

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