A heartbreaking note from a patient at the emergency room broke the hearts of many on social media.

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A medical technologist at the Philippine General Hospital shared on social media this photo of a handwritten note that broke the hearts of many netizens on social media.

Last Saturday, a med-tech volunteer named Ara Dela Cruz, 24, said a patient at the hospital’s emergency room received a letter from his wife who couldn’t be with her due to COVID-19 protocols.

The letter said: “’Di pa nagpunta si Jella dito. Wala na akong pambili ng kailangan mo, wala na rin akong pambili ng pagkain dito.”

Have you ever considered yourself lucky lately? I mean, being under the same roof with your family, sleeping safe and sound, no one is sick and you can eat 3 meals a day. This letter was sent to the emergency room for a patient I was handling. I couldn’t leave his side because I saw his reaction. He’s about to cry.

The letter was from his wife. I asked him what does he need so I can try to find his wife and lend her money to buy what he needed. He was trying to say something I couldn’t understand so he slightly removed his BiPAP so I could hear.


“Kahit wag na po yung kailangan ko. Sya nalang po wala pong pera yon buong araw na po hindi kumakain yon” and that breaks my heart.

We’re so busy in our lives making progress, making money, making dreams. We tend to forget what we have now is more than enough. Tell me you don’t have money to check out the item you added to your cart, I’ll tell you about every bantay in the hospital who worries about bills and at the same time about food and needs at home.

Tell me you are bored and need some fun, I’ll tell you about every patient being isolated from their family and how they feel alone, sad, and hurt all at once. tell me about the food that you ordered and didn’t like how it was cooked, I’ll tell you about the people who can’t even taste what they are eating.

Tell me about how you hated the fact that you can’t still afford aircon and I’ll tell you about my patient that cried because she couldn’t breathe and how she asked me to find a paper she can use to fan herself because her relatives haven’t sent an electric fan for her yet.
man, you are so blessed. unlike you, other people are barely making it.
so please give more kindness and love.
and don’t forget to be grateful.
every day.

As of this writing, the post has reached 63k likes, 1.8k comments, and 50k shares.

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