A heartwarming story that proved a dog is indeed a “Man’s best friend”.

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“Man’s best friend” is a common phrase used to describe domestic dogs, referring to their millennia-long history of close relations, loyalty, friendship, and companionship with humans.

A netizen named Icho Song shared his story about the strong bond he and his dogs have.

Last Sunday, while I was watching my show on Netflix. Moose mounted in my bed asking for a chest scratch like he usually does. But he accidentally lost his balance hitting my right eye and tore a layer of my cornea. I screamed in pain and was rushed to the nearest opthalmologies for an emergency.


Lucky it was not that deep and I’m under medication. As I went back home, I called him and he was afraid. I didn’t get mad cause it was an accident. I walked towards the bed and sat on the floor since he was hiding under the bed. I tried calling him again and he slowly walked out and placed his head on my lap. I scratched his ear and hugged him. My shih-tzu being the overprotective one got mad at Moose and I had to separate them. Told my shih-tzu Oreo I am okay and it was an accident. Oreo became clingy seeing my situation.


Moose kept on checking every hour if I am okay while I’m in bed.
I know boy. I know you are sorry. Daddy loves you.
Our dogs can feel our pain. They could understand.
Currently, my vision is a bit blurry but it has progressed.

When you’re sad, they’ll look at you with big doe eyes. When you are angry, the fur will rise on their backs and they’ll start barking and growling at inanimate objects. Whereas humans might not respond to your emotional upswings and downswings in a way that you’d prefer, dogs will always be there whether you’re thrilled, depressed, or anywhere in between.

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