A homeless woman caught by a restaurant manager doing a “happy dance” after the interview, hires her.

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Job interviews could be really nervous for some people trying to get a job. Interviewers will ask questions about you to gain insight into your personality and to determine whether you are a fit for both the job and the company.


Kallayah Jones, 21-year-old, was homeless for two years. Jumping from one house to another but couldn’t earn enough cash to get a home of her own.


And then, an opportunity came to be a server at a sports bar in Georgia.

“I was having anxiety attacks and weak parts before I came to the job interview,”


“My boyfriend was like hey calm down, be yourself.”

Dakara, the manager, was impressed by Jones when she was being herself during the interview.

“She had like a great energy, I felt it when she walked in, she seemed really positive,”

She was so confident that the interview went smoothly that she ended up having her “happy dance” in the parking lot.

Not knowing that her “happy dance” was caught by the restaurant’s security camera.


“I called her phone and I said ‘I’m going to hire you and I seen your happy dance, so you can continue dancing’ and she was just screaming through the phone. It was a beautiful moment for me,”

“Anytime you’re happy. Anytime you get a blessing. Anytime you had a great opportunity and had something you’ve been working towards for years or months or whatever you’re praying for, just dance. It don’t matter what it is,”

“Do your dance. Do that dance. Do every dance, ok?”

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