A Lady Accumulated More Than Php 160,500 For Selling Ice Candy

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There are a lot ways to save money if you really want to. This is where your determination, inspiration, dedication, discipline and perseverance will test you if you really can.

It is also a challenge for most especially nowadays, many are tempted to shop and eat but if you really want to save, you can.

PESO SENSE, a Facebook page where they provide tips on saving money is also one of her inspirations.

Just like this lady, she has accumulated Php 160,500 pesos just by selling ice candy with flavors mango and buko.


According to Riz Red Moreno, they have a sari-sari store. While she watches over it, she makes ice candy every day unless she is not feeling well or there is a storm.


In a day, she makes 2 casseroles, one for mango and one for buko. It can make about 165 pieces of ice candies which she sells for 5 pesos each. In return, she makes profit at around 800 pesos.


At a profit of 800 pesos, she saves 500 pesos and the other 300 is set aside for her electricity bill.

Riz Red Moreno is so happy that she is able to save 160,500 pesos because of her effort when she didn’t think she could do it.

She then advises mothers like her. “Kaya sa mga nanay kahit nasa bahay lang kayo kaya nyo rin makaipon sipag tyaga lang talaga at disiplina pagdating sa pera, maraming salat at sana maging inspirasyon itong ipon challenge ko na ito, Thank you po at happy new year sa inyong lahat.” said Moreno. (To all mothers out there, even you’re at home you can save up. All you need is discipline when it comes to money. I hope this challege inspires you to save money. Thank you and happy new year to all)


It’s not really easy to save up especially if there is temptation everywhere. But, if you have the determination, you will be able to pull it off!

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