A man juggles 30 girlfriends using dating apps

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A man allegedly used several applications to juggle 30 girlfriends.

A netizen named Liezl Chu shared her experience with her cheating ex-boyfriend whom she met through a dating app. She then discovers at least 30 other ladies cheated by the same guy and later on became friends.


She then added that she got surprised after receiving numerous messages from other women who have the same experience. The other ladies revealed that they also met the same guy through dating applications.


Liezl also received support from the group chat filled with her fellow ladies victimized by the unnamed guy. The group chat also helped her realize that she did nothing wrong and she didn’t lack in anything.

Liezl Chu also added a post regarding this issue on her personal Facebook page

Alright, Mr. Wilbert Jacinto.
Me and the other girls, nung ininterview kami. We agreed that we keep your identity pa nga. We still had that slight “hiya” to disclose you. But seeing ur reaction on this matter?
“Monster” is an understatement.
You really have no conscience. Instead na mag apologize ka sa Tiktok palang, you kept on denying & justifying what you did.
GMA News the total as of the moment ay 31 girls and counting. It’s not in the same timeframe, it’s more on this week “5”(TBH, hindi kami talaga sure kung ilan.) then overlap next week ng apat. Then nag total siya ng 31 (as of today, Aug 14, 2021)
You think yung mga tinapakan mong babae tatahimik nalang? Porke’t all the other girls shut their mouth, you think na I’ll do that? Never.
I will not be silent with guys like you. You are the perfect definition of a sad and manipulative boy.
Dear, Girls. Do not be silenced with boys like these. We are not girls na bibigyan niyo lang ng trauma then hop onto the next girl.
PS: pakibayaran yung utang mo sa ibang mga babae. Thank you. 🤗
PS: This convo is not from mine, sent by someone. 😄

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