A Woman Drew A Photo Of Her “Dream Boy” Years Ago, Marries Someone Who Looks Exactly Like Him!

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Do you believe in destiny? Fate? Soulmate? That someone out there is meant for you and you alone? Because I do.

This is what happened to a netizen named Ariadne Daluz, for instance. She shared a story on her Facebook about how she drew a picture of her “dream boy” when she was in Elementary.

According to Ariadne, she had a best friend in elementary school named Unis. They love to draw pictures and make up stories about various things and events.

In 2005-2006, they talked about drawing the guy they want to be with for the rest of their lives. It should be someone they haven’t met yet. Someone imaginary.


They moved on to their separate ways after a couple of years. And then one day, her best friend Unissent her a private message, telling her she saw Larnille on her 18th birthday, the name of Ariadne’s then future husband.

When Unis noticed, she immediately told Ariadne about the drawing she did years ago and how it looks exactly like Larnille.


The beautiful thing about this story is that Ariadne only met Larnille in 2011, while she drew that picture in 2005-2006.

Eventually, the two fell in love and decided to marry each other.


Such a beautiful twist of fate, isn’t it?

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