An 11-Year-Old Girl Seen In A Clinic Carrying A Baby Goes Viral

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In a desire to help, a concerned netizen took it to social media what he witnessed, when he visited a clinic in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.

In December 26, 2019 a netizen named Keiner Legaspi Espinola shared on Facebook, a photo of a young girl carrying a baby. The girl went to go see a doctor, as his then 1-month old baby brother is having symptoms of flu.


According to Keiner’s post, the young girl is named Rhea Ornaiz. A Grade 6 student from Danipas, Brgy. Mangagoy in Bislig City. He then narrates how he “interviewed” Rhea and found out that she no longer has a mother. Apparently, the mother died in November due to Hypertension.

He also shared that Rhea went to the clinic for his baby brother’s check up, as her father is unemployed.

Keiner was touched by Rhea’s story, but as he is also unemployed, he thought the only way he could help her is spread her story through social media and hope that netizens will help the young girl. The post immediately went viral, and netizens all have the same sentiments.

Luckily enough, Rhea’s story was featured on the TV show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”. The team traveled to Bislig City to know more about Rhea, but they found out something else.

According to the video, Rhea still has a mother. It turns out, the woman whom Rhea thought was her mother was actually not related to her at all. Rhea’s father, Rene Ornaiz, revealed that her real mother was his first wife, and that she left them a long time ago.

The KMJS team was able to find the whereabouts of Rhea’s real mom, Algie Enomar. Because of the show, the estranged mother and daughter finally had a reunion and emotional wounds have been healed.

Watch the full video here:

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