An 89-year-old Grandmother Sells Rags On The Street, Netizens Touched By Her Story

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One of the things that make Filipinos distinct among others is our traditional family values. Filipinos are known to be family oriented.

For example, most Filipinos are close to their grandparents. Some even grew up in their care. Grandparents will do everything for their grandchildren.

Recently, a lot of netizens are touched by an 89-year-old woman who sells rags on the street to support her grandchildren.


On a Facebook post, a concernced citizen named Kathrina shares photos of Lola Porferia or most commonly known as Lola Ibyang, who she saw selling rags along Daang Hari SB, a few meters past T-intersection of Commerce Avenue.

According to Kathrina, the grandma who is working hard for her grandchildren should have been at home instead of on the streets because of her age.


She then added that she always sees Lola Ibyang and that she is hoping a lot of people will help her.

Just buying these rags worth P100 and a little greeting will bring great joy to the old woman.

A lot of netizens are also touched and at the same time saddened by Lola Ibyang’s condition. They also admired her for choosing not to beg but instead make a decent way to earn a living.


On the other hand, Kathrina sent a message to well-known vlogger, Basel “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer”. Basel is one who is passionate about helping Filipinos especially those in need.

And according to Kathrina’s update, the vlogger responded and immediately helped the grandma.


Social Media can be a very powerful tool when used wisely. So it would really be better if we all use it for good things, just like what happened to Lola Ibyang.

Many are also impressed by Basel’s quick response and desire to help.

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