An honest kid returned the lost money he found inside the jeepney.

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Nowadays, especially now pandemic hit our country, we could rarely see honest people returning lost cash and valuable items they have found.

But an honest kid returned the lost money he found with the help of his mother to its owner.

Recently, an eleven-year-old boy named Denard B. Uy-uyon returned a pouch that has Php100,000. According to ABS-CBN, Denard found the pouch of Myrna Nalliw inside the jeepney Denard’s riding.

Luckily, Myrna got a call from Denard that he got her pouch that contains Myrna’s company fund. Denard received Php10,000 from the resident who learned his story.


The DepEd Tayo Youth Formation Division Office of Ifugao recognized Denard’s honesty


“Honesty is the best policy”
It was validated lately that this learner Denard B. Uy-uyon, 11 yr. old, a grade V pupil of Panubtuban Elementary School, Asipulo District found a big cash in the amount of P102,450.00 and gave to his mother. Eventually, they were able to contact the owner and gave the money.
Indeed, this young boy heard well and internalized the teachings of his parents, relatives, teachers and other mentors from other agencies.
He is now a model to other children.

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