Balut Vendor Cries Tears Of Joy As Good Samaritan Buys All Her Goods

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The C0VID-19 pandemic has gravely affected millions of people all across the globe. And the Philippines is not an exception.

Many Filipinos lost their jobs and as a third world country, this is a big blow.

Nationwide quarantines are not helping either, since the government can only do so much.

Poor people now have to work twice as hard, just to find another source of income. Being poor during a pandemic is like a survival.


Just like this balut vendor, who had to sell her goods by the highway just so they can have money to buy food.

In this video, you can see a female driver stopping by when she noticed the balut vendor. She approached the balut vendor to buy some of her goods and asked a little about her life.

The balut vendor told the driver that her balut costs 13 pesos. And then the driver asked how much would it be if she buys the whole bunch. This shocked the balut vendor and made her teary eyed.


You can also hear in the video that the female driver is also about to cry as well. She found out that the balut vendor’s husband is bed ridden due to diabetes, that’s why she had to work. She also shared that she has young children to take care of.

Furthermore, the female driver admitted that she used to sell balut also when they were young, so she can relate to the balut vendor.


As a result, she decided to help her out buy buying all of her goods. Plus gave her extra cash so she can buy materials to fix their house.

At the end of the video, the female driver asked the balut vendor to thank God instead, because it was God who made this chance encounter happen.

You can watch the video here:


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