Bitoy dispels fans’ worries: “I am getting better”

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Image Credits: BitoyStory
  • Bitoy assured his fans that his condition is improving.
  • He said he continues to strengthen his immune system.
  • He also said that he learned many lessons from what he is going through.

After the fake news about his alleged departing came out, Michael V. assured his fans that his condition is improving.

This is after COVID-19 hit the famous comedian last week.

Michael V. even documented his experience with his vlogs on You Tube channel.

Image Credits: BitoyStory

This Wednesday, the actor-singer of GMA News spoke to his fans to assure him that he is recovering.

“I am getting better. Hindi pa rin 100% but I am getting better,” said Bitoy who became emotional while thanking everyone who prayed for his health.

He continues to strengthen his resistance by drinking hot water with lemon and ginger.

“Kahit anong advice ng kakilala namin tina-try namin. Wala naman mawawala,” Bitoy says. “Basta be active pero ’di sobra to the point na papagurin mo sarili mo.”

Currently, his fever has gone down, although he still has a little difficulty breathing besides getting tired quickly.

Image Credits: BitoyStory

Bitoy also could not help but be sad, especially since he was confined to his room and could not see and hug the family.

He also said that he has learned a lot since he went through one of the most difficult trials of his life.

“Lahat naman ng kailangan ko, lahat ng gusto ko nandidito, pero naging meaningless lahat,” he added.

As for the fake news spreading, Bitoy just joked about his reaction.

He said it was funny that someone was actually texting him to confirm if it was true. He just said he did not know what to answer.

“Nakakainis, mine-message ako directly. ‘Di ko alam kung sasagutin ko ng ghost emoji,” said the comedian.


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