Blind Old Man Who Sells Ice Drop And Balut Touched The Hearts Of Netizens

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A lot of netizens are admiring an old man from Bacacay, Albay for his determination and hard work despite his age and disability.

Lolo Aquiles Besin, 76, sells ice drops in the morning, and sells balut in the evening to earn a living. But here is the catch: he is blind.

In the report of ABS-CBN’s Jose Carretero, Lolo’s only companion is his cane when he goes around to sell his goods in his neighborhood.


Children would then wait for Lolo Aquiles to come by, because not only are his ice drops cheap, they are also delicious.

According to him, he is not having a hard time selling because he’s been selling in the area for a long time now. He also said that he knows the area too well, so he is really not worried at all.

Apart from the fact that he knows his route, the customers of Lolo Aquiles are also amazed at the way in which he can determine the money given to him and still give the right amount of change.

Furthermore, Lolo Aquiles lost his sight when he was just a year old, due to cataract. Because of this reason, he was not able to go to school. He does not have a family either, but is truly grateful for the people who took him in.

Aside from selling ice drops and balut, he also makes bayong to sell.


Despite his struggles, his faith in God remains solid. He believes that with hard work and determination, he can do whatever he wants.

You can watch the video here:

Don’t you just love Lolo Aquiles’ optimism? I aspire to be as positive as him.

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