Boy selling tinapa to support his education inspires netizen

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We’ve seen and read numerous heart felt stories of a person striving hard to earn a living. That no matter how poor they are, they still does everything to support their education.

Like what our parents told us before, “Nak, mag-aral ng mabuti, yan lang ang mapapamana namin sayo”. And it’s true. Nothing beats a good education rather than having all the material things in the world.

A Facebook user named Jewel Rashia shares a touching story about a boy whose selling tinapa to support his education. Also to buy medicine for his sick father.

According to Rashia, they were eating in a famous fast food restaurant when her mother pointed a boy who carries a basket full of tinapa and tuyo. The basket obviously looks heavy.


Her mother lectured her for being fortunate enough compare to others who were working hard just to support their needs.


Few minutes later, the boy approached them and offer them to buy some of his products. Rashia and her mom become curious why at his early age, he’s already working as a vendor.

Lance narrated that although his schooling is supported by her auntie, he still needs to work to sustain the expenses in school. And to also buy medicines for his sick father.


He has no mother that’s why no matter how heavy the basket is, he endures the long hours of work just to earn a decent living.

Lance story inspires Hashia and left him a valuable lesson in life. She also shared his story through social media so it could also inspire other students like her.


Rashia was so impressed with Lance’s determination to support his needs no matter what. Therefore, she challenges other kids who neglects their parents effort in giving them a better education.

Now that she is very aware of her parents efforts, Rashia would never waste the chance in getting a good education and a better life.

As of this writing, Rashia’s post has more than 30,000 shares with over 56,000 reactions.

A lot of netizens were touched with Lance’s story and prays that he remains determined and strong-willed. They even wanted other kids to look up to him as an inspiration.

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