BTS reveals tracklist for their upcoming album, “Map of the Soul: 7”, to collaborate with Sia and Troye Sivan

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Last night at exactly 11 p.m (12 a.m KST), BTS drops their tracklist for their much-anticipated album, “Map of the Soul: 7”. The physical version of the album includes 19 tracks. The first 5 tracks are coming from their “Map of the Soul: Persona” EP. Also included on the album are the comeback trailers “Interlude: Shadow”, “Outro: Ego” and the first single “Black Swan” with the addition of 11 other new tracks. The digital version will also have an additional song that features world-famous Australian singer/producer and Grammy nominee, Sia.

  • Sia’s chart-topping hits include “Chandelier” and “Titanium”.

According to an official Big Hit press release, “ON” is going to be the lead single. The alternate version of “ON” with Sia in it is going to be a digital exclusive. The collaboration is a success after Sia accepts BTS’ proposal to work with her on their latest record. They will release the track on global platforms for the North American promotions on February 21.

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Apart from Sia, another known artist is going to collaborate with BTS on this album and that is Troye Sivan.

On his Twitter, he excitedly reveals that he has co-written the track “Louder Than Bombs” with them. “Very happy to have co-written Louder Than Bombs on BTS’ album! thanks for having me boyyssssss”, tweeted Sivan along with a photo of BTS’ album art cover. This thrills the fans as it is known that the boys have recommended Troye Sivan’s music on Twitter before. Troye has also expressed wanting to collaborate with them.

BTS is known to collaborate with great artists they personally admire. Even so, these collaborations are a surprise. The ARMY loves coming up with theories and predictions during comeback season but nobody has seen this coming.

The full tracklist follows; the album drops on Friday, February 21.


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