Child Hugging Mother’s C0ffin, Touched The Hearts Of Netizens.

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  • Child asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping beside me?”
  • One photo that quickly went viral and became the talk of the netizens
  • Sadness was evident in the child’s eyes

Child’s Photo hugging mom’s c0ffin became viral

Sometimes there are opportunities and events in our lives that you don’t fully expect. That almost gets to the point where you can just say why it happened to you or why it’s still with him. It can be said that life is sometimes “unfair” or “not fair”, as others say.

It’s just like this one photo that quickly went viral and became the talk of social media netizens. Here you can see a boy leaning on the c0ffin of his b3reaved mother.

Child’s eyes showed evident sadness

sadness was evident in the child's eyes

According to netizens, it is very heartbreaking to see such an event. But what made their feelings worse was after they found out that the whole child thought that his mother was just sleeping soundly. When it asked why it wasn’t sleeping next to him.

It is not a joke to explain such an event to a child especially since he or she has not yet truly understood the meaning of such a sad stage of life.

So sometimes the best explanation is just to point out to them often, so that they don’t get hurt too much.

That is why in life we ​​must always remember that no matter what problems or bad things or opportunities come our way, we must always be steadfast and believe that such trials can also be overcome.

Life is beyond our control

sadness was evident in the child's eyes

Let us also always keep in mind that such a test will not be given if we cannot pass it. The story of the child crouching and hugging his mother’s c0ffin, is also a reminder that life is beyond our control.

That is why while our loved ones are still there, let us always let them know how important they are to us and never tire of letting them know how much we love them. Because when the time comes for them to leave us, they will no longer hear or feel it.

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