Construction Worker Goes Viral After Walking For Almost 400 Kilometers

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Due the implementation of the community quarantine in Metro Manila, all public vehicles were temporarily suspended. It is to prevent further spread of the pandemic in the country.

Therefore, many of those working in Metro Manila are unable to find a vehicle to return to their provinces because the enhanced community quarantine throughout the region.

For instance, Marlon Dalipe is one of them.


Marlon was helpless as he was unable to get home and was forced to walk from Alabang in Muntinlupa City to his province in Bicol, in Zone 3 Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.

He did not mind the pain of walking almost 400 kilometers. A walk that took 5 days just so he can be with his family.

Marlon was working as a construction worker in ParaƱaque City, when a community quarantine was declared throughout Metro Manila.

According to him, he decided to go home to Bicol even though he only had 500 pesos left in his wallet.

Because he does not want to be stuck in Metro Manila because of the lockdown.


As a matter of fact, when Marlon reached Alabang, there were no buses to Bicol left and that is why he decided to just walk home.

Actually when he arrived Batangas, he met others who were also in the same situation as him. People who were forced to walk home because there were no public vehicles available.


In addition to this, Marlon said they could not even take a break from walking. In fact, they can only sleep for a few hours before walking again.

However, the second day was the hardest as the government announces an enhanced community quarantine and put all of Luzon into a lockdown.

He even had to go through checkpoints and pleaded with the authorities to let him through. All because he really just wanted to go home to his family.

Along the way, he met a kind netizen named Zenia Banagan who gave him food.

On Facebook, Zenia shared the viral video of Marlon that touches a lot of netizen’s hearts.

Posted by Zenia Banagan on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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