Couple Just Inquiring About Wedding Details, Gets Married On The Spot

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One couple is trending on social media right now for having an “unusual” wedding.

On Facebook, a netizen named Erica Calandria shares how she and her then-boyfriend got married on the spot when they went to the mayor’s office.


According to Erica, their wedding was supposedly last April 25. But due to the COVID-19, it got postponed.

Erica shares that their license expires on June 3, so they decided to have a civil wedding instead.


Furthermore, Erica says that they went to the mayor’s office to ask to reschedule the civil wedding not later than the expiry date. However, the mayor asked them if they want to get married on that day.

The couple said yes.


Erica shares on her Facebook account photos of their “COVID civil wedding”. In there you can see the groom wearing just a plain white shirt and jeans. The bride is wearing a simple blouse and leggings.

In addition to this, Mayor Antonio Ferrer is also seen acting as a photographer for the newly weds.


Since the pandemic, public gatherings and events such as weddings are prohibited, to help prevent the spead of the coronavirus.

As of this writing, the viral post already reached 108K reactions and 41K shares.


Best wishes to the newly weds!


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