Couple Stars in Marvel-inspired Save The Date Video, Finally Got Married

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  • Morris Chavez and his fiance’ Maria who made an awesome Marvel-themed ‘save-the-date’ invite for their wedding.
  • The wonderful couple finally tied the knot.

Creating “save the date” and “same-day-edit” videos are definitely a serious and booming business in the Philippines. Many couples go all out when it’s their turn to walk down the aisle.

A great example is this film-like save the date video inspired by Marvel’s superhero movies. This was posted on Facebook and has become viral.

The video has over 170,000 views as of this article’s posting.

“There’s a hero in all of us” 💪💥
Save the date! 8.18.18 💖💍

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“There’s a hero in all of us,” Wonderlast Films, the production company behind the video, wrote on its caption.

Watch the video below:

The video starts off with obvious Marvel symbols such as Thor’s hammer and a Wolverine figurine among others on a table.

“We all dream to be superheroes at least once in our life,” Maria, the bride-to-be narrates in the video.

“But me? I just want to be the girl with my own hero,” she added.

The video goes on to show Maria and her fiance Morris walking down a street when suddenly a mysterious creature suddenly appears before them.

“I’m here to ruin your fate,” the creature says. He kind of looks like Ronan the Accuser from the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Morris, the future groom, then transforms into Iron Man, and in one scene, shows off the thunderous powers of Thor to fight the villain off.

The clip ends in a cliffhanger, like any good superhero flick does, with the villain giving Morris a WWE-style choke.

“What really makes one a great hero?” Maria asks before the video ends.

A day before the video was released, the group of wedding filmmakers posted a Marvel-esque poster on their page showing an engagement ring in some rubble.


“SAVE” the date. 😎💖👊🔥💥 

Netizens were thrilled about the teaser, leaving comments of praise on the post. Read them below.

Jeriel Ruzel shared: “WAHHH THIS IS SO COOL”

Rom Sayon says this is “the best wedding teaser ever.”

Nash Torcuator tagged a friend and wrote: “This kind of wedding theme.”

Gray Walter wrote: “This video alone is a thousand times better than any Philippine TV series.”

Che Cayabyab tagged a friend and said: “Omg look at their save the date wedding video.”

One netizen had a different comic book universe in mind. “EHEMMM i’ll be batman thanks,” Keana Janine Cruz said.

Remember, this is just the save the date video.


They finally got married!

Morris Chavez and his fiance’ Maria who made an awesome Marvel-themed ‘save-the-date’ invite for their wedding finally got married.

Produced by Wonderlast Films, the original video saw the groom wearing outfits from the Avengers roster while the bride started and capped off the clip with musings such as ‘What really makes one a great hero?’

Now, we’ve learned that the awesome couple has finally tied the knot – and released a full-length version of their initial teaser!

The new film sees a wider range of costumes, and Infinity War inspired plot – and a tearjerking peek at their recent wedding. It is entitled ‘Infinity Begins’.

Congratulations guys!

Watch the full-length vid here:

AS of this writing, the video already has 146k reactions 35k comments 3.8M views.

What can you say about these awesome videos? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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