Couple, Viral After Joining 1 Million Coins Challenge

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  • The couple went viral on social media after they shared about their saved coins
  • The couple took part in the 1 Million Coin Challenge where they will try to save a lot of money from their coins
  • Many people were amazed by couple Yona Abella and Kit Cunanan because of their became a strategy 
  • They shared how such a large amount of money was formed just from saving their coins.

The couple is now viral on social media after participating in the 1 Million Coin Challenge. 

They also share their saving tips to encourage other people to save money. 

Many have been inspired to save money as well. 

According to Yona, one of their “RELATIONSHIP GOALS” is to be able to save their own money. 

YOUNG COUPLE.. MEMBER NG FRONTROW. MABUHAY KAU.😍😍😍😍1M BARYA CHALLENGE | Young couple, makakaipon kaya ng barya na…

Posted by Green Coffee Philippines on Saturday, November 25, 2017

That is why they set their goal amount to be saved. 

It is uncommon to be able to save such a large amount just from coins so many are intrigued by the couple’s strategy. 

Their savings come from all the remaining coins left from they money every day. “Our challenge is that every time we go home, all the coins we have to be placed in our coin bank.”

According to Yona, a million would not be possible without our coins so this served as her inspiration for them to save. 

His advice to netizens, Find a ”Save Buddy” to be more inspired to save and speed up savings due to having a partner.” 

We can all do this, try it. Your Ipon Buddy is also looking for you. So that we don’t have to ask our parents when we need to buy something. 

Save while you are young. 

“The savings challenge is in vogue after netizens share their accumulated money using traditional saving. Many of the savings challenges shared on social media have gone viral. 

Just like an OFW who has accumulated of P140,000 in six months. 

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