Customer Leaves Heartbreaking Note At A Famous Fast Food Chain

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It is not everyday that you encounter something that will leave an impact in your life – let alone at a fast food chain.

This is what happens to Jollibee service crew, Mark Noguera.

On Facebook, Noguera shared an incident that left a huge impact on him. And at the same time, pulled at the heartstrings of netizens.


Apparently, he and another crew found a note left by a customer at the Jollibee Signal Village branch in Taguig City.

Mark recounted that a fellow service crew was cleaning a table vacated by a young lady in her 20s, when they found a message written on a tissue paper.

It seems like the message was left on purpose based on what’s written in it, which reads:

“Huling Jollibee ko na to. Pinagbawalan na ko kumain ng unhealthy foods ng doctor ko. Nadiagnose kasi ako ng cancer stage 2. Sana gumaling agad ako para di ko masyadong mamiss ang pagkain dito. Thank you Jollibee. Sa uulitin.” (This is my last Jollibee. My doctor prohibited me to eat unhealthy food, as I was diagnosed with cancer stage 2. I hope I get better soon so I won’t have to miss the food here. Thank you Jollibee. Until next time)


Moreover, Noguera admitted that he and other crew members felt sad when they read the message. He also felt like crying after reading it.

He was also hoping that through his Facebook post, he can reach out to the lady customer and send her encouraging words.

His message goes:

“BEE STRONG & BEE POSITIVE LANG PO ALL THE TIME para makakain na po ulit kayo ng Chickenjoy namin, pag galing nyo po visit us po sa Store at itetreat ko po kayo ng kahit anong gusto nyo swear.”

(BEE STRONG & BEE POSITIVE LANG PO ALL THE TIME so you would be able to enjoy our Chickenjoy again, and once you have recovered, please visit us at our store and I will treat you to whatever you want to eat here, swear)


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