Customer warns the public about the new scam on food delivery.

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Today as we battle this pandemic, having a food delivery app takes a lot of burdens for it is now easy to have food on your table without going out and having to risk your health on the unseen virus.

But as the order on food delivery application rises, modus is on rising too.

Like this customer who happens to experience this kind of modus. According to her, they placed the order and paid through their GCASH, so that they will just get the order from the rider and minimize the direct contact.

But as their order on progress, the driver called and said that their payment didn’t go successfully and that he even give the call to the “manager” who told her that theirs a problem in gcash and asked her to pay in cash once the food delivered and that the gcash will refund her first payment.


At first, they were skeptical but agreed to pay for the food because they thought that the rider will pay for the food if they refuse to pay.

They also reported it to Foodpanda and said that the company will be giving them a full refund.

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