Cute rant of a girl regarding slow internet, popular with netizens

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Image Credits: CDN Digital
  • A 5-year-old girl ‘rants’ on Facebook due to slow internet connection
  • The child complains that she cannot study properly
  • The cute rant of the little girl from Cebu City becomes popular to netizens

Who doesn’t become hot temepered due to the very slow internet connection in the Philippines?

Especially now that students’ online classes are slowly starting and at the same time using the slow internet to study, make modules and pass them on.

Image Credits: CDN Digital

It seems that all netizens who are active online and on social media, and even President Rodrigo Duterte himself, have had a bad experience about the slow service of internet providers in the country.

Just like 5-year-old Zane Akila from Barangay Tisa city of Cebu who ‘rant’ out her frustration with the slow internet connection in their area.

According to the story of Zane’s mother Angelie Gutierrez, she decided to share on Facebook her daughter’s cute rant in the hope of catching the attention of telcos in the country.

“Her summer online class schedule is at 10 in the morning every Monday to Friday and she has not been able to participate for 2 weeks because of the very slow internet connection. During those hours she’s late to submit her worksheets and study in the afternoon, ”Angelie said in an interview with CDN Digital.

As a result, it is said that the child’s scheduled hours for study was affected.

Image Credits: CDN Digital

And because she could not stand it anymore, Zane allegedly asked her mother Angelie why their internet was so slow.

Instead of having her blood pressure shoot up, the mother decided to videotape Zane’s rant and upload it to Facebook.

The cute rant and wittiness of the child immediately hit netizens while most sympathized with what she was experiencing.

Watch Zane’s witty rant here:


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