“DAHIL SAYO JOLLIBEE” A fast-food service crew finally graduates.

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A fast-food service crew who recently graduated with a degree in Elementary Education shared on social media his memorable experiences as a working college student.

Sam Juntilla Aninon from Tagum, Davao endured all the challenges while working as a Jollibee service crew.


In a Facebook post on Sepetember 28, Aninon shared “DAHIL SAYO JOLLIBEE”

“DILI KA MUGRADUATE” I/we used to hear these words from those people who don’t believe in our capabilities. It’s our choice to be ourselves. We cannot change everyone’s perspective. Yes, if they’re restricting us to do something, we must take action against it. Someone’s judgment doesn’t define our value as a person. You know what you are, who you are, what you’ve been through.


Life truly is a real war with hardships as my opponents and God as my armor and his words as my shield and tank, I know I’ll always win. Now you all see me, braver, bolder, and stronger than I ever was in every pain I get because God is with me. And with God, all things are possible. He gave me strength and the courage to continue fighting amidst all the odds.


Yes, It took me 7 years in college, 7 years of hardships and sleepless nights passed by and I am now standing to where I have to be. To what I prayed to become. Yes, 7 years and I know some of you might judge me ngano? Kay kalas na sa oras, not growing any younger to graduate another degree. But, that didn’t stop me. Instead, I made it an inspiration to show people that I CAN. And if I can, then so are you.


People can say whatever they can, whatever they want but one thing is for sure, their words won’t stop us from believing. Their words won’t stop us from dreaming. We can rest but we can never quit. We may feel like there’s no way out but always remember, if there’s a way in, there’s a way out.
Even though our families can hardly support us financially, we still found a way to study by working half the day to earn money for tuition fees. I know it seems so hard but we fight to survive even if it takes a lot of tears to spend just by looking at our payments and projects all summed up.
Mo abot man ta sa point nga maka dungog ug sakit na libak sa atong silingan, ka workmate hilabe na atong paryente sakit kaayo dawaton pero e hilak lang na pag emote pero make sure na mo bangon ka ug maningkamot walay dautan ang pagpaningkamot sagdi lang ng tao na mo pababa nimo ayaw tagda dili na sila WORTHY HATAGAN UG ATTENTION!

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