Dalaga, Nagbabala sa mga Netizens na Natutulog na Basa ang Buhok at Nagpupuyat sa Celphone

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A facebook post warns netizens about the possible result of sleeping with wet hair and the reason why it should not be done.

She was identified as Pamela Rollo who shared her experience with having Bell’s Palsy.

She talked about how it started with the unnatural tears in her eyes, the decrease in her potassium and blood in the body.

Pamela shares, “Nagsimula sa pagbaba ng dugo at pagbaba ng potassium ng katawan. Hanggang sa hindi na natural na pagluluha ng mata at hindi paggalaw ng kanang bahagi ng labi, hindi pag-pikit ng kanang mata, hindi pag-galaw ng kanang kilay at pagtabingi ng kanang pisngi.”

She said in his Facebook post, sleeping wet with his hair and sleeping very late are some of the reasons why she had this condition.

Pamela also suspects that lack of enough sleep, eating often at fast-food chains, focusing the aircon or electric fan on yourself while sleeping, stress, and drinking milk tea often add to it.

“Kaya kung stress ka, sis paki-usap matulog kana. Tanghalian at hapunan fast food? Sis, umuwi kana. sa bahay kana kumain. MILK TEA, yes you read right, naadik ako sa Cream Cheese, oreo, love potion, pearl milk tea at GOLDEN SUN. PUYAT? Tumaas nga rank ko sa mobile legends tumabingi naman yung pisngi ko. Nakakatamad na magpatuyo ng buhok bago matulog, I suggest, WAG KANA MALIGO. Nakatutok sa fan, hays! Paikutin mo nalang, kesa mahipan ng masamang hangin. Tumabingi din tulad sakin. Tandaan, HINDI KA MAYAMAN.”


Pamela is currently undergoing therapy and taking Vitamin B to improve her condition.

“Now I am currently taking corticosteroid drvgs to reduce inflammation. Going to hospital everyday for physical therapy. Taking vitamin B for maintaining good health and well-being. Eye drops to prevent infections. Praying for my fast recovery. ”

Pamela Rollo’s Facebook post has now been deleted for an unspecified reason.

When a person has Bell’s Palsy condition, a part of their face tilts down due to the weakness of its muscles. The cranial nerve VII, which supports the facial muscles, is the most commonly affected condition and inflammation.


People with Bell’s Palsy may feel earache, may not hear, and may lose the taste of food, in addition to paralysis of their facial muscles. Movement of the eyelids and blinking can also cause paralysis of the facial muscles. There is also an uncontrollable smile as well as closure of the mouth.

But the cause of Bell’s Palsy is still unknown.

But it is said to be caused by herpes simplex virus, according to neurologists. Bell’s palsy develops when cranial nerve VII is affected. But, there are other people who believe it can be caused by excessive nighttime thinking, exposure to cold, and much more.

Image Credits: Nation’s Press


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