Deaf And Partially Blind Dog Saves Lost Girl

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There is a reason why dogs are called a “man’s best friend”.

They are loyal, gives us unconditional love, and are just straight up wonderful creatures.

Proof of this is Max, a dog who kept a little girl from harm’s way.


A little girl named Aurora, 3, got lost in a bushland in Queensland, Australia, 2 kilometres away from her home.

After a rainy night, family and rescuers found her on Saturday morning.


Fortunately, she was found almost unscathed, with only minor injuries. All thanks to her loyal companion, 17-year-old blue heeler dog Max.

The loyal pooch spent more than 15 hours with Aurora in the wild, making sure she is safe.


As a matter of fact, Max greeted and lead the rescue team towards where Aurora is upon reaching the top hill.

Furthermore, Max then lead the rescuers towards where Aurora was.


According to Aurora’s grandmother, the deaf and partially blind Max never left the little girl out of her sight.

In a Facebook post, the Queensland Police recognized Max’s heroic deed and awarded him the distinction of an honorary police dog.


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