Dog Officially Becomes A Frontliner, Gets His Own I.D

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Paw Patrol alert! Meet Chi-Chi, the first official animal frontliner in Manila.

On Facebook, a netizen named Jake Ryan Ramos shared photos of their dog, and her official barangay I.D.

According to Jake Ryan, Chi-Chi has been with them for a while now, helping them patrol the barangay.


They shared that Chi-chi, who helped Jake Ryan with his job in the Barangay Patrol, awarded the title of ‘frontliner.’

Chi-chi follows him regularly when he patrols around the barangay, and is also eager to ride the Barangay Patrol.

Furthermore, Chi-Chi would also join other barangay tanods during their shifts and does the job well.

He often alerts the barangay tanods whenever there are suspicious individuals in the area.


“Galit po sya minsan sa mga nangunguha ng kalakal kasi baka minsan po salisi gang po pala, baka may manakawan po samin,” Jake Ryan said.

Chi-chi is the first frontliner dog to be acknowledged by a local government unit in Manila.

As of this writing, the post already reached 57K shares and 56K likes.


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