Elderly Woman With No Electricity Reads Bible Faithfully Outside Her Hut, Image Goes Viral

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Many people nowadays so busy with their lives, trying to get financially rich, that we have forgotten how important it is for us to also be spiritually rich! But a poor old woman recently went viral after she reminded us that material thing are not always the most important to store in our lives…

In the Philippines, a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Atty. Jb Batiancila shared photos of an unknown elderly woman reading her bible intently. The image has gone viral simply because of the refreshing photo of a woman deep in her word. She lives in a “Kubo”—a small hut—but is still honoring God humbly by studying His word wherever she can.


Many might say that she’s trying to attract attention – because why would she read outside the house, huh? But Atty explained that the old woman’s home does not have electricity. She has to read the word outdoors by daylight. Batiancila shared that the women reminded her of her own grandmother who was poor in possessions, but rich in spirit.

Plus, this clearly appears to be an interior road; whose attention is she trying to attract, anyway? Batiancila does not know the woman but posted that she reminds him of his grandmother who was poor in material things but rich in spiritual aspects and is always thankful to God.


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