Eruption’s wife, Rona reacts to body shamers

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After some netizens body-shamed her after the actor shared a photo of his family on Christmas Day, Eric “Eruption” Tai’s wife politely responded.


Rona posted her prayer for those who have been unfairly disrespectful about her figure on her Instagram page.


“To everyone, that body-shamed me on my husband’s recent Christmas post, my prayer for you is to find true and unconditional love. Not just from your significant other, but also from yourself,” she said.


“Love yourself enough even if you’re going through something that you will see its beauty and strength despite its imperfection,” she continued.

Rona ended her statement by stating those haters can body shame her all they want, but she would not be affected.


In 2015, Tai and Rona married. Legend, their son, was born in March of this year.

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