Father And Kids Travelled From Naga To Manila Using Only A Wagon As A Bed And Shelter

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A father will do all he can to improve his children’s well-being and ensure their happiness.

This was proven by a father, who “drove” to Manila from Naga, Bicol by wagon alone.

On the Facebook page of “Unico Laguna“, a concerned netizen shared a photo Tatay David with his daughters in their wagon.

According to them, they had just come from Naga, Bicol and had left for Manila to look for his wife who is working as an all-around househelp.

Tatay David said the reason why they decided to leave home, is because of the sadness they’re feeling and his children are getting sick from missing their mother.


Furthermore, they have no definite destination, so only their wagon serves as their temporary home. It is where his daughters sleep and rest.

Even though Tatay David was able to find out where his wife is working, she could not leave with them as she still owes her employer money.

As a result, Tatay David decided to just go back to Naga with his daughters, again only by wagon.


At around 11:30 in the morning, they reached Brgy. Pulo in Cabuyao, Laguna where a netizen spotted them.

The viral post gathered different reactions from netizens. As a matter of fact, some of them are even claiming that this is just another modus. Others are feeling sorry for the kids because of their situation.

Well, true or not, majority of netizens just want the best for them and hopes that the LGU can help the family even further.

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