Father Still Works Hard Despite His Disability, Touches Hearts Of Netizens

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A lot of netizens are touched by the story of Tatay George from Tiaong, Quezon because despite his disability, he still tries to work hard to provide for his family.

As a matter of fact, in a photo shared by a netizen, you can see Tatay George selling vegetables along with his song aboard his tricycle.

Ever since Tatay George was a kid, he already faced too many hardships in his life. At a young age, his mother actually left him in a boat. Fortunately, his grandparents saw what his mother did to him and took him in.


They are the ones who raised Tatay George until he was eight years old. His father took him off his grandpa and grandma’s care during that time.

At a very young age, Tatay George had to work or else his father would beat him up.

Even though his father never once supported Tatay George’s education, he did not mind it. Even if its hard, Tatay George went to school and work to earn a living at the same time.


However, Tatay George is only human. There came a point where his body could not even take it anymore. It started with just a fever. But Tatay George did not expect that that fever would be the cause of his legs to be paralyzed.

Despite his situation, Tatay George persevered in his studies.When he graduated from elementary school, his father kicked him out of their house.

While being disabled and without a family, George nevertheless managed to complete his studies while he was working.


Moreover, Tatay George was fortunate enough to meet good people in his life. One of them even gave him a tricycle that he can use to earn a living.

His wife is even very supportive of him and anything he wants to do in life.


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