Fish Vendor Gives Free Fish To His Neighbors Affected By The Community Quarantine

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Despite the on going crisis and challenges our country is facing today, it is a relief to think that there are some “angels” who are genuinely looking out for us to help ease the burden we have. They are the light that gives us hope and to remind us that we are all in this together.

One of these “angels” is Noe ‘Wiwit’ Endaya. He is a mobile fish vendor and is also on of the kagawads in their barangay in Gubat, Sorsogon.


As a matter of fact, last week an enhanced quarantine community was implemented for the whole country to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Everyone is encouraged not to leave their homes, unless they are buying necessities like food or doing something important outside.

Even some businesses and jobs of Filipinos are temporarily halted because of the nationwide lockdown.


As a matter of fact, many Filipinos are getting more worried about their families. Since they will not be able to provide for them due to the month-long lock down.

Because of this, Noe decided to help out his fellow countrymen. Instead of selling fish for a living, he gave them away for free to those who can no longer afford to buy food.


Furthermore, according to Noe’s caption on Facebook, he wasn’t trying to brag about helping. He just wanted to let everyone know the small thing he did for his community.

On Facebook, he wrote “Hindi ko po ipinagyayabang kung bakit pinost ko pa ang pagtulong ko, ang mahalaga po sa akin na malaman nyo rin na nakatulong ako sanyo kahit sa maliit na bagay lang po sa abot ng aking makakaya.” (I’m not bragging the fact that I helped, what’s important to me is for you to know that I helped even as simple as this)

As a result, a lot of netizens praised his kindness and generosity. In times like this, kindness is something anyone can afford to give.

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