Flight Attendant Turned Pares Vendor Admired By Netizens

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The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected a lot of people all over the world. And to prevent further spread of the virus, businesses and establishments have stopped operations.

Major industries were also affected by the pandemic. And because of that, thousands of people have lost their jobs and source of income.


Among them is Michael Jacob Pornel, a former flight attendant from Philippine Airlines.

Before the pandemic, Michael worked as a flight attendant for PAL. But when flights to and from the Philippines were cancelled, he and his colleagues got temporarily laid off.


Losing a job is probably one of the worst thing to happen during a pandemic. But as a father and a husband, Michael had to find other ways to make a living.

Now, Michael is into business. A food cart business, to be exact.


Michael used his savings to buy a small cart to run a pares-mami store. And now he is a certified, street food vendor!

Even though he is not earning as much as he used to, Michael is proud of his hustle. What’s important is he is still able to provide for his family during a pandemic.


A lot of netizens are amazed and inspired by his hustle, that he immediately went viral. As a matter of fact, his story got featured in “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”.

As of this writing, the post already has 254K reactions and 27K shares.


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