Food Delivery Rider files a complaint against Tiktokers couple after accusing him a thief.

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For almost 2 years battling the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of us rarely go out to eat, shop, and chill that is why online app gave us a great deal during this hard time.

As the government prohibits food and beverage outlets from opening their doors to dine-in, the food delivery business is gaining momentum. It gave the customer comfort, safety while waiting for their food to deliver at the foot of their home.

With this big help, netizens were thankful for the service and for risking their (delivery rider) lives amidst pandemics.

But this is not always the case, just like recently a food delivery rider files a complaint against two (2) Tiktokers after they allegedly accused him of being a thief and posted it on their social media account.


A food delivery rider named Aqjuna Garialde contacted Raffy Tulfo’s program “Raffy Tulfo In Action” to submit a complaint against them for defamation and false accusation.


According to the report, the Tiktok couple allegedly told the rider that he took the lasagna.


After this incident, the restaurant admitted that they are at fault. But the couple still continue to upload the said video and call the rider “thief”

Garialde on the other hand learned the uploaded video through his coworker.

“Manghahamak lang kayo ng tao para sa views niyo at sa likes niyo,” the rider said

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