For his sister’s wedding, a Singaporean guy travels with his 27-year-old former maid.

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At her wedding on Saturday, April 23, 2022, Singaporean Kelly Chua had a surprising reunion with Lita, her 27-year-old former maid.
On Saturday (April 23), tears were shed as a Singaporean woman was reunited with her former maid after nearly three decades of marriage.


Kelly Chua, 28, was not expecting to be alongside yaya (Tagalog meaning carer) Lolita Tabaque, 71, at her wedding at Queenstown’s Church of Our Savior.

Chua’s brother Keith covertly flew the Pinay, a native of Sibalom, Antique, from the Philippines. Except for the bride-to-be, everyone in the family was surprised. Tabaque, also known as Lita, spent five days before the wedding at Chua’s aunt’s residence.


On Thursday, a 70-second video of the event was released on TikTok with the description “My brother gave me the biggest wedding surprise ever,” and it has now received over 177,000 views.

“I’ve arranged a really huge surprise for you,” Keith says at the start of the video. Are you all set? When the camera moved to Tabaque, who sheepishly waved before approaching the couple to hug Chua, there was cheering and tears.

“She left home three years ago and told me she couldn’t attend my wedding because she didn’t able to renew her passport,” Chua, 28, said in the video. But my brother has it all planned out from the beginning.”

“I love you, yaya,” he added. “


“My yaya Lita has always been a significant part of my family, and we’re all glad she’s returning, even if it’s only for a few days,” Chua said.

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