Former Barangay Tanod Graduates Cum Laude, Now Licensed Civil Engineer

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  • Janryl Judill Tan, the viral cum laude graduate, is now a licensed engineer
  • Janryl really worked hard and continued to pursue in achieving his dream despite not having much.
  • He previously worked as a barangay tanod and a Sangguniang Kabataan Treasurer, earning P6,000 a month

A Barangay Tanod who became trending online for his diligence in studying and working is now a licensed civil engineer. Last March 2019, Janryl Judilla Tan graduated Cum Laude. He now holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Cebu.


Janryl’s childhood was marked by a memory of his family moving from one house to another when they lived in Cebu City and in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental.

His parents, Jerry and Nilda, cannot afford building their own house because of financial struggles. Nilda was a homemaker, while Jerry took jobs as a repairman. His income was just enough to put food on the table.

Growing up without a permanent address did not discourage Janryl from dreaming big for his family. Driven by love and dedication to succeed, he made a promise to build their family’s house when he becomes an engineer.


“It will not be a mansion or a big house… just a simple house that can accommodate six to seven people,” he said.

Undeniably, Janryl is one proof that poverty is not a hindrance to achieving their dreams in life. Despite not having much in life, Janryl worked hard and took on jobs to help support his studies.

To fulfil his dream of becoming a civil engineer, Janryl understood that it would mean paying the university between P19,000 and P23,000 as monthly tuition fee.


He honestly had no idea where to source that amount of money to pay for his school fees.

He shares how luck seemed to be on his side when he was informed that he was chosen to be part of a scholarship grant from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

This meant that CHED will give him P15,000 per semester.

Nevertheless, the scholarship grant was not enough to pay for the rest of the tuition fee and books. He also needed money for his daily needs, which include food and transportation expenses.


Thus, in 2014, Janryl officially became a barangay tanod. He was 18 years old.

Aside from being a Sangguniang Kabataan treasurer, Janryl also works as a tanod (village watchman) of Barangay Kalubihan in Cebu City. There were also times he had to endure sleeping in a small corner of the barangay hall to save money. Janryl earns around P6,000 a month for the two jobs but he still managed to get through college.

On March 20, 2019, Janryl moved a step closer to fulfil his dream as he stepped on the stage of the Cebu City Coliseum as a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Cebu (UC) with a degree in Civil Engineering.


Janryl continued to balance reviewing lessons and diligently doing his job as a barangay tanod to pass his licensure exam.

After the results of the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam 2019 came out, Janryl was one of the 6,510 out of the 15,075 examinees who passed the exam.

With his current success, Janryl hopes to become a motivation to working and self-supporting students.

He says those who want to finish their studies should have faith in themselves that they can make it. He says there is a need to persevere especially during trials and challenges.

The talent to practice smart time management is also a skill that working students need to possess.


“Do not allow negative thoughts to cloud your mind and then push you to quit,” he says.

Janryl says it is also important to value people, who give their all-out support in your journey.

“I hope they do not waste the support and trust given by their parents, friends and supporters,” he says.

Amid all the media frenzy about his story, Janryl says he is most grateful to God, whom he explains as the One who helped him survive the journey.

Will he still continue to work as a barangay tanod?

“I am not certain right now but they (barangay officials) told me I can still continue being one,” he says.


Janryl’s story of persistence encouraged many netizens to believe that dreams do come true, especially for those who work hard for it. Several netizens praised Janryl for his accomplishment.

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