Funny Sign On A Party Goes Viral

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Filipinos love social gatherings. I think it is a part of our culture to invite as many people, related or not, as possible whenever there is an occasion.

Filipinos really go by the saying, “The more, the merrier.”

And it is also a norm among Filipino parties to take home food. It is pretty much like a tradition. You are not a true Filipino if you do not ask for a pabalot.


For this reason, a lot of us prepare more than enough food for everybody during parties.

However, in this scenario it is not the case.

A netizen named Flora Malinay Bayona shared a photo of a sign she saw at a party she went to.

The sign says “BAWAL PO ANG MAGBALOT. KAKAUNTI ANG HANDA. By: Sharon Cuneta” (No take outs allowed, limited food)


Sharon Cuneta is a famous Filipino celebrity, but of course she is not the one who wrote the signage. It is not her party either.

It is just a slang for people who loves taking home food from parties.

The post immediately went viral, as a lot of netizens can relate to it. Most of them even said they know some people who would do this.

This is in no way implying that the host of the party is selfish and doesn’t want to share. It’s just that, some of us gets carried away with taking home food and not leaving enough for the rest of the visitors.


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