Garbage Collector Pleads To The Public To Somehow Appreciate What They Do To Feel Better During Pandemic

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Amid the threat posed by the C0VID-19 pandemic to us, waste management still provide services for us to keep every barangay clean.

Even though enhanced community quarantine have been implemented throughout Luzon and other parts of the country.


Just recently, a Facebook post by a netizen named Alquin Flores went viral on social media.

The post about the sacrifices and hardships that garbage collectors face in their work, despite being often belittled and ridiculed by other people.


Alquin has asked the public not to forget that they, too, are one of the frontliners in the country. He said that they also worry and fear that they may also get sick from the garbage they collect.


However, they just do not think about it, rather they keep working so that they can provide for their families no matter how hazardous their job is. Especially now that there is a crisis the country is facing due to the pandemic.

Alquin could not help but be envious of doctors, nurses and police because they have gears to protect themselves against the virues. Whereas, garbage collectors do not have anything to fight the virus and protect themselves from it.


Alquin again asked the public to not belittle their job anymore and instead show them a little concern. Because they also help in keeping citizens safe by collecting waste that can cause harm to our health.


On Facebook, Alquin wrote “Wag niyo kalimutan na frontliner din ang mga BASURERO. Nakita nyo yang mga ngiti namin sa kabila ng pang mamaliit ng ibang tao sa trabaho namin.” (Don’t forget that garbage collectors are frontliners too. Do you see our smiles despite of people belittling our job and mocking us)

A lot of netizens expresses their support and gratitude to garbage collectors. Most of them wishing for their safety.

As of this writing, the post already reached 86K likes and 59K shares.


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