Ginang na Makiki Chismis, Naipit ang Ulo sa Gate ng Kapitbahay

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There are already many broken friendships due to gossip or ‘chismis’. While not all gossip is wrong, some of it is true. But the person should be responsible for divulging any details about a person, especially if it can ruin and ruin his life.

Literal Filipino gossip seems bad to hear, because when you hear the word gossip, what immediately enters your mind that they are talking about the wrongdoing of someone’s life. It embarrasses and spreads to people they know.

But, sometimes we also talk to our neighbors because there is nothing to do and also to get to know the people around us.

But a funny yet pitiful picture trended on social media after the woman got her head stuck in between steel bars of her neighbor’s gate because she wanted to catch a gossip with a neighbor. It was shared on Radio La Roca FM 103.9.


According to the report, the woman’s head was stuck for five hours before it was freed, it can also be seen that people laughed a little at what happened because it did not seem that what she did was right.

She said she only went to see her friend. Her real purpose was not clear.

The said trending photo was flooded with comments, many laughed and said, it’s her “Karma.”


She was unfortunate but she should not have stuck her head in between the steel bars of her neighbor’s gate just to see her friend.

Let’s not follow it, let it also be a lesson to us.


Image Credits: Radio La Roca FM 103.9


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