Grade 4 Student Sells His Medal to Buy Family Food in the Midst of C0VID-19 Crisis

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A 9-year-old boy recently went viral for selling his medals (his most valuable possessions!)

He did this to buy food for his family in the midst of the C0VID-19 crisis.

His condition has touched the hearts of people, with netizens commenting while watching his video…

Kenneth Pangilinan, 9, is a brilliant fourth grade student who has won dozens of medals from school.

He worked hard on these medals. It is not good for him to sell them, that is the most important thing he owns; yet he was willing to part with these medals so that he, his mother, and his older brother could eat.


Photo credit: Kenneth Pangilinan / Facebook – KMJS

The boy shares a video as he tries to sell the medals, with this heart wrenching caption:

“Dahil mahirap buhay lockdown wala trabaho si mama. Matagal na kmi tinalikudan ng papa ko kaya para makatulong kay mama benta ko po bang kong kong…

(“Because of the difficult life lockdown, mama does not have a job. My dad abandoned me for a long time, so to help my mom, can I sell it…)

Contact no # 09456175436. Please share… #kmjs #raffytulfoinaction ”

Many netizens were moved by his offer.

They know how hard it is for him to study for those medals and what they definitely mean to him.

So, so many netizens sent groceries and other supplies to the family home in Cubao, Quezon City.

Kenneth’s mother, Cherry, worked as a security guard and later found a job taking care of the house.

But he lost his job in the midst of the C0VID-19 crisis. He also got sick.


Photo credit: Kenneth Pangilinan / Facebook – KMJS

Out of pity for their mother, Kenneth decided to sell the medals, thinking that perhaps some people would be interested in them.
He tried to sell each piece for Php20.


Photo credit: Kenneth Pangilinan / Facebook – KMJS

With 50 medals for sale, Kenneth hopes to earn about Php1,000 for the sale of his valuable medals. But soon many poured out help for the family.

They received sacks of rice, boxes of canned products and other food, and cash from kind netizens.

Her story was also featured on KMJS where they received additional groceries including a laptop from a kind doctor who wanted to help Kenneth and his older brother prepare for online school. The show also gave them a prepaid wifi router and load.

Watch Kenneth’s inspiring story here:

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