Grandma Who Went Viral Because She Didn’t Receive Relief Goods Gets Help From Netizens

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A video clip recently went viral on social media where an old lady couldn’t help but be emotional. Because she couldn’t get relief goods in her barangay at Sapang Palay SJDM Bulacan.

She said the reason she was not given any aid is because she does not have a stub to claim them.

Fortunately, her neighbors are kind enough to help the old lady out, by attesting that none of her families members are employed due to the nationwide lockdown. Because of this, barangay officials were forced to give her relief goods.

After her video went viral, a lot of netizens came to the rescue and decided to help the old lady.


In a few photos shared by netizen Annaliza Bermejo Ortiz on her Facebook account, there are some food supplies donated by her brother Edgar Leodones-Matalote Rayo-Cruz and her friend Richard Bondoc for Lola.

You can really see in the photos how happy and grateful Lola is for the help she received from them.


She also thanked them for the generosity and kindness of their hearts.


A lot of netizens praised the good deed of the trio. Other netizens also wish that there would be more people who will help Lola.

One netizen even commented, “In times of crisis, the worst or the goodness of heart in human comes out. Thank you for people with generous and caring heart! Hope springs eternal!”


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