Grandmother Works Hard For Her 100 Rescued Dogs

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Huang Xiuying, 64, from Ayer Hitam Johor, Malaysia, lost her pet dog twenty years ago as it was hit by a car. This has led her to rescue all the stray dogs and cats she sees.

Due to what happened to her pet dog, it caused her to draw attention to stray animals. She would take care of them and work hard to be able to feed them.


Huang is not rich though, but she spends her own money for the dogs and cats she rescued from the streets.

As the dogs and cats that she rescued rise in number, she has put up fences to keep them safe.


Actually, it already came to a point that her rescued animals went up to more than 100. As the number of pets grows, so does the expenses.

Because of this, Huang sought out to rent a place that has been converted into a shelter for her pets. She pays RM 450 ($108) a month.

Huang also pays some volunteers RM 1,500 ($360) to help her keep the area clean and to feed her pets.


On a daily basis, she would prepare meals for them the moment she wakes up.

After that, she is going to prepare the things she needs to sell in her shop.


Huang works hard every day to make money, but there are times when her income is just not enough. Sometimes, she finds it difficult to find money to buy food for her pets.

But that did not stop Huang. In fact, she worked extra hard especially that her every day inspiration is none other than her pets who give her happiness and joy.

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