Graphic Artist Turns Manila Into A Winter Wonderland

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Filipinos are doing a variety of gimmicks to alleviate the heat that is felt this summer.

And since we are still under a quarantine, we really cannot go to beaches and resorts for a nice dip. Even the malls are closed, so we cannot go “chill” in there.

However, a graphic artist from Parañaque City thought of something else. Something that would make Manila cold, in the middle of a blazing summer heat.

Netizen Kurt Ian Ferrer used his editing skills and turned Manila into a winter wonderland.


On Facebook, he shared photos of Manila covered in snow, which caught the eyes of netizens.

According to his Facebook post, he only wanted to try and see what Manila would look like if we are to have winter here in the country.

Philippines is a tropical country, so we do not experience the four seasons here. We only have two: Rainy and Summer seasons.

“I tested how would it took like if Philippines could sometimes experience winter,” Ferrer said on his caption.


In the photos, you can see the street under the Light Rail Station (LRT) is covered in snow. As well as some sari-sari stores, that are covered in snow and people wearing winter fits.

In addition to this, he also put a “twist” in one of the photos and placed a taho vendor in the middle.

“I do think it’s good practice to take real world stuff and put a twist on them, mmmm… hot taho,” he added.

A lot of netizens loved his concepts and wished to have a winter here. Too bad we live in a tropical country, but who knows?


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